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Get the Kardashian Non-surgical Tummy Tuck with LipoFirm

Forget getting beach-ready, we know you want to feel confident about your body year-round and we have the answer to Kim’s famous tummy tuck right here in Blighty by the sea…

Kim Kardashian West’s non-surgical tummy tuck became an Insta-hit when, after post-baby weight loss, she received a skin-tightening treatment in Beverly Hills and shared pics with her 155.8M followers. Bucking the trend for Hollywood stars to admit to having cosmetic enhancements, the businesswoman and media personality paved the way for stars to be out and proud about tummy tucks, bum lifts and all manner of body sculpting. 

With research from GlobalData saying the market for non-invasive fat reduction procedures will rise in value from around £500 million in 2015 to over £830 million by 2022, there’s no mistake that non-surgical alternatives to liposuction are big news



It’s true too that cellulite – that unpleasant natural phenomenon that’s the bane of most women’s lives – is caused by a cruel mix of genetics, hormones, diet and lifestyle. This leaves many unable to deter the dimpling. But, again, we’ve come up trumps (Ivanka not Donald) with LipoFirm! 
Now, it’s your turn to join the Hollywood starlets and get fantastic body contouring without the pain and lasting damage of surgery. With 30% off LipoFirm tummy tucks at nu-beau’s chic Shoreham-By-Sea beauty salon, what’s stopping you?  

What does a LipoFirm tummy tuck involve?

  • Expert hands – Before your LipoFirm treatment, we’ll invite you for a free consultation at our discreet Shoreham-by-sea beauty clinic with our skilled and experienced body contouring experts. 
  • Safe and sound – Non-invasive methods suitable for all skin types are used for reducing fat as well as firming and contouring towards a smooth, toned body. 
  • No ill-effects – Unlike surgical solutions such as liposuction, youll experience only mild discomfort during treatment with no risk of scarring or infection and no downtimeWe recommend that you drink plenty of water 24 hours post treatment to aid acceleration of your body’s lymphatic system and optimise detoxification of the liquid fat. 
  • Rapid radiance – The LipoFirm tummy tuck takes 45 minutes (this can be 25 minutes to one hour and 30 minutes for different areas of the body). We recommend a treatment plan of between two to four treatments, (this can increase to six treatments for our LipoFirm Cellulite Eraser) but you’ll see results from your first treatment and can expect inch-shrinkage as well as long-term body sculpting and skin tightening. 
  • Double-tech – We use TriPollar Radio Frequency (RF) to heat the fat combined with DMA Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA) that works beneath the skin to compress solidified fat out of your cells. Working simultaneously, they deliver non-invasive fat removal, lymphatic drainage and skin tightening. The process also oxygenates and enhances the circulation. 
  • Covers all – As well as non-invasive alternatives to liposuction for the tummy, we offer LipoFirm for bum lifts, to eradicate cellulite and for the upper arms and thighs.  

Book a Lipofirm tummy tuck at nu-beau now

Both pain-free and scar-free, choosing a LipoFirm tummy tuck over liposuction, for that enhanced- curves-with-a-toned-effect Kardashian factor, is a beauty no-brainer. Book your LipoFirm tummy tuck now

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