LipoFirm Ultimate Body Contouring

Much loved treatment of the stars including Bianca Gascoigne and Katie Price, Lipofirm is the ultimate body contouring alternative to going under the knife.

Our ultimate LipoFirm body contouring treatment achieves inch-loss through fat reduction and skin tightening, as well as improving the texture of the skin and reducing cellulite.

During a 1.5 hour appointment we will focus the LipoFirm on the areas of the body that you care the most about changing. From the upper arms to the bum and thighs, the tummy, perhaps your back, we will tailor the treatment to maximise the results for you.

How does LipoFirm work?

This body contouring treatment is comfortable and pain-free, you can ‘walk-in and walk-out’ and it is entirely non-invasive. LipoFirm have combined the use of Radio-Frequency (RF) energy and Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA) in their treatment technology.  The RF energy heats the fat cells, causing them to secrete liquid fat.  Using a patented lymphatic drainage mechanism the fat is then naturally released and the RF energy ‘reshapes’ the skin by stimulating the collagen to contract and encouraging long-term collagen rejuvenation.

Dramatic results in just a few weeks!

How many treatments you will need will depend on how much tightening and contouring is required, however typically 2-4 treatments will achieve a fantastic result. With 2 weeks between appointments you could feel more confident about your body in just 4-6 weeks.

Three of the following areas can be treated within a single treatment appointment: Tummy | Bum | Thighs (front) | Thighs (back) | Arms | Face & Neck | Back & Flanks

Price | Single Treatment £390


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Recommended No. of Treatments
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1 hr 30 mins
Appointment Length
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Treatment Discomfort
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Suitable Skin Types
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Skin Patch Test Required
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Typically None
Post Treatment Downtime

Who would this treatment benefit?

lipofirm bum lift face and body

This treatment would typically suit men or women over 30.  The treatment is flexible and tailored to the clients needs, whether that be tightening key areas, achieving maximum inch-loss through fat reduction and/ or improving the texture and appearance of the skin.

Don't take our word for it, see for yourself

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Frequently asked questions

Our LipoFirm treatments are suitable for all skin types and skin tones.  No patch test is required.

This is a warm, pleasant treatment with no discomfort.

Immediately after the treatment the area treated will have some redness and erythema, this will typically reduce within 2 hours.

As each area is treated you will instantly see your skin is firmer with an improved texture, the full benefit of this treatment takes up to 8 weeks

The LipoFirm treatment has consistently achieved inch loss, fat reduction, skin tightening and smoothing with all of our clients to date. Results do vary from client to client depending on how much body contouring and smoothing is required and the condition of the skin. During your free consultation we can accurately estimate the result we would expect to see with your first treatment and how many treatments will be required to achieve the result you are aiming for.

The following conditions would restrict you from having this treatment; pacemaker; defibrillator; pregnant or nursing; cancer; auto immune disorder and diabetes. Medication restrictions include roacutane; anti-coagulants; steroids; tetracyclines or St John’s Wort.

You CAN NOT have this treatment if;

  • you have any synthetic fillers, gold threads, plastic threads or fat implants
  • laser or IPL within 2 weeks of the treatment date
  • Cryolipolysis within 3 months of the treatment date

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The Pyramid Facelift has made my skin look and feel more youthful and it has really smoothed the appearance of the lines on my forehead and around my mouth. I feel confident enough to go make up free and my skin feels tighter. Emma at NU-BEAU was so informative and really helped me to feel relaxed. I will be coming back in future, thank you Emma!

K. Knightley

I tried different remedies with the melasma on my forehead in the hope that it would fade but nothing worked, I couldn’t cover it up with make up and I felt very self conscious. After one treatment I couldn’t believe the improvement. The treatment was pain free and after a second treatment it has almost completely removed the pigmentation. I am over the moon with the results!


After having 2 babies in the space of 2 years, my stomach really bothered me. The LipoFirm treatment was wonderfully relaxing, simply involving a lovely warming sensation on my stomach. After the treatment, my stomach instantly looked better than it had when I walked in and over the next 2 or 3 days it got even better. My skin looked firmer, the crepeyness and wrinkles are gone and the stretch marks have been dramatically reduced , back to how it used to look pre babies. Thank you Emma for giving me confidence to wear a bikini again!


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