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How Does IPL Help Acne?

Tried popping pills, chemical peels and steroid injections, only to be left with overly sensitive skin and feeling sick and tired of pumping your body full of more toxins? Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments could be the natural and non-invasive treatment you’ve been looking for to regain that baby-smooth, spot-free complexion. 

Though we also use a highly effective glycolic acid peel from the Jan Marini range that’s packed with goodness and suitable for all skin types. These act to resurface the skin and are effective for both pigment disturbance and superficial scarring. Depending on your skin type and problem areas, these amazing acne products can be used alone or combined with IPL treatment. 
The crux of IPL treatment for acne is that it addresses a variety of skin issues, from spots to scars, without harming healthy cells. IPL treatment can even treat cystic acne, which consists of fluid-filled cysts embedded in the skin that are painful to the touch. Regular acne treatments can’t touch cystic acne but IPL treatment penetrates the skin tissue to get right to the source of infection and inflammation. 

Two US actress/models, Kendall Jenner and Denise Richards, have chalked their clear complexions up to the wonder of light and laser. If it’s good enough for part of KKW’s crew and a Bond Girl, it’s good enough for us!




How does the IPL acne treatment work?

  • Non-erosive polychromatic (many coloured) lights and a broad light spectrum acts to blitz bacteria, reducing active acne as well as correcting superficial blemishes and redness
  • The pulsed light penetrates multiple layers of skin and, deep within the skin, promotes collagen synthesis to combat inflammation and reduce scarring
  • Yellow and green light targets the P. bacteria on the skin that causes inflammation
  • Red light focuses on overactive sebaceous glands that are responsible for breakouts
  • The heat created by the light promotes shrinkage of inflamed sebaceous glands and healing of the skin from the inside out
  • Each treatment is short with mild to moderate discomfort
  • We recommend 2-4 appointments 

What to expect at your IPL treatment appointment 

Before treatment:
  • Emma, our skincare technician, will give you a full free consultation
  • Emma will give you a patch test, at least 24 hours before treatment
During treatment:
  • Emma will apply a cold gel to your problem area
  • You’ll be given protective eyewear and made comfortable on one of our comfy treatment beds
  • Emma will massage the skin with the IPL probe to target your problem areas with the healing light
  • Most treatments are painless but some people may experience a mild to moderate sensation, similar to an elastic band flick
  • The treatment lasts around one hour
After treatment:
  • As always, be careful of exposure to UV rays and remember to wear SPF protection
  • Be sure to drink plenty to encourage your body to detox and replenish

Reach for the stars with stellar acne treatments at nu-beau

Whether you suffer from blackhead breakouts, a cystic acne skin infection or acne scars, we’ll always give you a full free consultation so that we can assess your skin and suggest the best treatment plan and products for you. Book your first IPL treatment for acne now!

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