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What experts want you to know about your skin in winter

We reveal how to keep your skin happily hydrated and healthy during winter


The evenings are growing darker and the nights a little colder. As the great Lord Eddard Stark once said, winter is coming. And with the change of wardrobe, comes the much needed change in skin care routine. Let’s be honest for a moment, tight skin, rough knuckles, chapped lips? We all know that what our skin needs in summer is certainly not the same as what it needs in the colder winter months. So here is your cheat sheet on how to winter-proof your skin and keep that gorgeous glow, even if no-one can see it under all of those layers. 


Moisture, moisture, moisture

Hydration, which our skin is sorely lacking during the winter months, starts within. Stay hydrated! Sure, you don’t feel like you’re sweating as much but don’t be fooled, your body still needs loads of water! 

Try to avoid hot baths and showers. The heat can actually dehydrate your skin by stripping it on natural oils so try to opt more for ‘soothing and warm’ as opposed to ‘scorching lava’. When in doubt, ask your husband. They always seem to think the water is too hot. 


Keeping it clean

Swap your soapy cleanser out for a creamier cleansing milk or cream-based cleansers. No need for that tight-face feeling. Your skin is just as cleansed and refreshed as it would be with a soapy cleanser. 


Beauty sleep

Now is the time to get out that rich overnight cream or moisturiser. Consider adding a hydrating face mask into your routine too.


Don’t skip the sunscreen

Enough said really. Sunscreen is your first defense against signs of aging. And yes, you still need to wear it even if it’s cloudy. Even your electronic screens emit a UV light that can affect your skin. So just out on sunscreen! There’s even an entire song about it for goodness sake! 


So abrasive

Winter skin needs a little more TLC so swapping out your physical exfoliants for chemical exfoliants can go a long way to keeping your glow.



If you haven’t already, consider adding some serums into your skincare routine. Serums deliver a potent concentration of fantastic vitamins and nutrients to your skin. You can use them to target your specific skin concerns too.


Don’t forget those hands, feet and lips

Sanitiser has wreaked havoc on our hands

Our lips are more susceptible to drying out because the skin on our lips doesn’t contain oil glands, so it can’t really replenish its own moisture.


Know your body

Winter skin is more fragile so if you have a skin condition like eczema or psoriasis be sure to avoid any irritants or allergens that you know flare your condition. Take extra care if you are prone to these sorts of things.


Call in the pros

Winter is the perfect time to book in for a luxurious facial or those microdermabrasion sessions you’ve been meaning to do. Sun sensitivity isn’t a concern and you can grow out that hair between laser hair removal sessions without anyone seeing a thing. So give us a call and get yourself feeling and looking glam!  Elsa doesn’t have to be the only winter queen! 


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