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What do Cher & the Duchess of Sussex have in common?

If you watched Mamma Mia 2 this year then we at nu-beau hq are pretty sure you felt the same way we did… At 72 years old how on earth does Cher manage to look so incredible?

Never making a secret of surgical tweaks, Cher has helped to make the stigma of cosmetic surgery a thing of the past. And why not? There should be nothing wrong in wanting to look the very best you can, after all isn’t that largely why so many of us will be sweating in the gym in January?

We all want to ooze self-confidence and there’s no doubt that looking good definitely makes us feel good.



At nu-beau our ambition is to offer the most effective skin treatments available, the non-surgical skin solutions that deliver results that could previously only have been achieved by going under the knife.  We don’t think it’s necessary anymore to take such a huge decision to undergo cosmetic surgery. Laser, IPL and other aesthetic technologies have come so far that it’s possible to achieve dramatic improvements in a single one hour ‘walk-in walk-out’ treatment.  Non-ablative, minimally invasive treatments, with little or no downtime or discomfort.

Our most impressive, fastest results are from our bespoke packages – these are intensive programmes, designed to achieve staggering results in just 5-8 weeks. The magic comes with combining different treatments, alongside which we provide our clients a ‘home’ skincare plan. If you want ambitious results then with these programmes we pull out all the stops to achieve the very best possible result.

Cher chooses Jan Marini

We choose Jan Marini skin care products based on years of experience. Unlike over the counter brands, these are professional, medical-grade products that work harder due to their higher, more potent concentration of ingredients. We weren’t super surprised to read that Cher is also a fan – there really couldn’t be a better celebrity endorsement, at 72 her complexion is nothing short of incredible.

Californian based Jan Marini Skin Research have been leading the way as an innovator in professional skin care since the nineties. Since 2010 they have been awarded a staggering nine of the coveted NewBeauty Magazine Beauty Choice Awards, including multiple awards for their Ultimate Anti-Aging Skin-Care System.

Then we discovered that Meghan Markle, aka the Duchess of Sussex, uses it too!

Whilst Jan Marini are renowned for their anti-aging skin care, the range is extensive. These products undergo extensive scientific research and testing to ensure that they are effective. Over the counter products might contain popular and even proven ingredients but they often don’t contain a high enough concentration of those ingredients to achieve maximum, lasting results.

One of our most popular skin resurfacing treatments are the skin peels, great for visibly diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A glycolic peel smoothes and softens skin, increases hydration, suppleness and balances irregular skin tones. They can also improve oily or acne prone skin.

Years of experience of using Jan Marini peels and products has led us to conclude that there really is no better current alternative. We pride ourselves on staying on top of new products and developments in the world of skin care, however for now we are certain it’s the best.  Before becoming the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle shared that one of her top tip beauty secrets included the Jan Marini C-ESTA Face Serum. Meghan’s glowing, radiant skin seems to perfectly achieve the no make-up make up look and yet again we find ourselves smiling – there really is no better millennial celebrity testimonial.


During a free consultation or treatment we would be happy to help you understand which Jan Marini products would most benefit your skin.  Discover more about our bespoke packages for acne, scarring, anti-aging and rosacea.  You can learn more about the Jan Marini Glycolic Skin Peel on our treatment page.

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