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Silver bullets, facelifts and fillers

From the latest must-have beauty products to surgical facelifts, discovering the secret to younger looking skin is like the hunt for the holy grail.

Whilst the retail industry is battening down the hatches (don’t worry we won’t mention Brexit!) – the cosmetics industry just continues to grow. Global giants such as L’oreal and exciting British brands including Elemis and Charlotte Tilbury spend millions every year on R&D. The latest must-have skin care products being heavily promoted on screens small and large and they can almost definitely help your skin look better, but for how long and is it enough?

Probably not enough we suspect, given the demand for fillers and surgical enhancements. Perhaps it’s the impatience of millennials, the ever-increasing need for instant gratification. Not entirely surprising given our faces are so much more prominent to our friends and colleagues on Instagram and Facebook. Whatever the reason what we do know that both men and women are increasingly trying out different treatments, products and solutions in search of the holy grail – younger looking skin.

There is a danger that we might sound ‘anti’ fillers or injectables in this post and that isn’t the case or our intention. Natural fillers and injectables have a place in the anti-ageing toolkit of treatments, many of our clients have used both.

The ultimate silver bullet would be a treatment that delivered fantastic immediate results, with minimal discomfort or downtime, in addition to achieving healthier skin for the long term.



Skin research and skin technology continues to advance at an incredible pace and at the forefront is Lumenis – a global leader in the field of minimally-invasive clinical solutions.

Their ground-breaking, clinically proven products have redefined many medical treatments, setting numerous technological and clinical gold standards.  It is these technologies we choose at nu-beau, such as the DivinePro, Oxygeneo and the LipoFirm by Pollogen, a Lumenis company that specialises in aesthetic skin treatments.

Seeing the results of treatments such as The Pyramid Facelift and knowing that our client’s skin will also be healthier for the longer term is what makes us tick.

We have even chosen one of the latest laser and IPL devices, the Duetto MT EVO. The Duetto is a state-of-the-art laser that can treat all skin types, it is fast, effective and the integrated cooling system ensures our laser skin treatments are as comfortable as possible.

Sound serious?  It should, undergoing any treatment on your skin is a serious decision and one that should not be taken lightly. It is really important to make a fully informed decision and only choose clinically proven, safe, effective treatments that are administered by a fully trained, experienced professional.

So…back to the silver bullet (and there are a few here at nu-beau) we should say more about The Pyramid Facelift. The results of this treatment are genuinely incredible – it lifts, tightens, smooths the skin across the face and neck, dramatically reducing fine lines, wrinkles, crows feet, laughter and frown lines.

Visible results after a one-hour appointment and there’s more. The treatment works with the body’s natural processes, the technology stimulates nature.  Furthermore the skin continues to benefit after treatment as The Pyramid Facelift stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid, elastin and new collagen for up to 2 years after treatment.

Immediate impact and healthier skin without the considerations of other anti-ageing solutions.

The effect of injectables are relatively temporary, typically lasting just a few months. If you do choose these then we suggest making sure the practitioner is carefully considering the whole face and not just a specific concern. Treating the whole face is critical to achieve a more natural result.

Few would argue against the benefits of healthier skin. Treatments that use technology to work with nature such as The Pyramid Facelift is definitely the closest we’ve found so far to the anti-ageing silver bullet.


Discover more about The Pyramid Facelift and our other anti-ageing skin treatments.

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