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Radio Frequency Facial – This Spring’s Best Beauty Hack

What’s the most fabulous game-changing (well, face-changing) totally safe facial treatment to hit UK skin care clinics? It’s the radio frequency facial of course, which we at nu-beau offer as part of signature treatment the GeneO+ Super Facial.

“If microdermabrasion is “the skin smoother” of the facial world, you can consider radiofrequency “the contour refiner” – Abigail James, skincare expert and author of Love Your Skin.



What’s a radio frequency facial?

  • A radio frequency facial not only tones and tightens the skin but also stimulates your own collagen production.
  • The state-of-the-art machine heats the skin to 38-40 degrees with radio frequency – it feels like a hot stone face massage so you many feel the heat but it’s not unpleasant.
  • It takes around 30 minutes to treat the entire face with radio frequency (the Geneo+ Super Facial takes 1 hour as Tripollar radio frequency is only 1 element of the facial).
  • There’s no downtime required after treatment, just follow the general rule of: no exertion, drink plenty of water and protect your face from the sun’s harmful rays.

How does nu-beau “do” the radio frequency facial?

Tripollar radio frequency, where radio frequency current flows into the skin using 3 or more electrodes, is just 1 of 4 elements that create the magic of the GeneO+ Super Facial – which rejuvenates, brightens, smooths and firms the skin.

Volumetric heating generates a clinical effect and the power of the radio frequency here is to stimulate the skin tissue by tightening existing collagen fibres and promoting new collagen production. This treatment is suitable for all skin types and you don’t even have to have a patch test, you could be in and out in your lunch break.

We also combine two different types of radio frequency with microneedling in our Pyramid Facelift. And we’re the only skin care clinic in Sussex to offer this incredible, innovative treatment!

Why’s the radio frequency facial so fabulous?

Celebs love a radio frequency facial. It’s the go-to treatment for LA aesthetician Joanna Vargas, who includes actress/singer and Teen Vogue Best Dressed list regular Emma Roberts and Cannes Film Festival Best Actress (Maps to the Stars, 2014) Julianne Moore among her red carpet clients. Jennifer Aniston has even chalked her own lusciously lifted skin up to the radio frequency facial but the wonder doesn’t stop there. The fabulousness of the frequency facial is five-fold:

  1. Contouring – Your collagen fibres will tighten instantly for healthier skin and more definition.
  2. Antiaging – The radio frequency helps to decrease fine lines, particularly around the mouth and nose, for a smoother finish.
  3. Lifting – See the lift around the cheeks and jawline from the first treatment and experience lasting lift and increased volume for that healthy plumped look.
  4. Radiance – The heat boosts oxygen levels in the skin for an overall brightened appearance.
  5. Lasting effects – The treatment promotes collagen production for 4-6 weeks so your face continues to rejuvenate and looks better and better.

Book your radio frequency facial at nu-beau Sussex now!

If you want to make the most of spring 2019’s best beauty hack – the fabulous radio frequency facial loved by Hollywood sirens – what are you waiting for, YOLO? We offer radio frequency radiance as part of our GeneO+ Super Facial treatment, which will leave you looking and feeling firm and fresh. Book your first GeneO+ Super Facial treatment (we recommend 1-3 treatments, which will be determined at your free consultation) at our Sussex skin care clinic now for just £100.

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