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How to Lose up to 4 Inches of Fat (Without Going Under the Knife)

You’ve tried everything. Getting up at the crack of dawn to go down the gym, setting out at sunset to have a swim, supping on super-food smoothies 7/7 and living and breathing (not very easily) the hold-it-all-in underwear method. But you can’t get rid of those last few post-pregnancy pounds or, most importantly, attain ultimate #BodyConfidence with a figure you want to flaunt.

“… Been trying LipoFirm to help with the excess skin which I would highly recommend for any new mum” – Danielle Lloyd.



This is where our specialist Sussex skin care clinic comes into its own. We offer LipoFirm body treatments, such as LipoFirm Tummy Tuck & Contouring, that could help you lose up to 4 inches – no knives, no pain, no down-time. No kidding!

Is this really the fat loss method for me?

Sound too good to be true? It’s really not. One of our LipoFirm Tummy Tuck treatments will focus totally on the tummy area and help you tighten up and lose inches in just a single session. Two top technologies will be used to heat your fat cells, release them through lymphatic drainage and stimulate your collagen for ultimate rejuvenation and contouring. All natural, no nasties.

Lasting just 45 minutes with no need for anaesthetics or knives, this is something you could fit in during your lunch break or while the kids are at an after school club. Everyone’s needs are different so we’ll assess how many treatments you’ll need (2-4 is typical) in your free no-obligation consultation and then put together a bespoke treatment plan to get you into shape!

Where’s the proof? You’ll see the mind-blowing before and after photos on our Facebook and Instagram channels. You can also read our fantastic 5-star reviews. That’s not all. LipoFirm tummy tucks are a firm favourite with the celeb set from Kim Kardashian West to some of our very own UK starlets, namely glamour model Danielle Lloyd and ex-Kitten Kerry Katona. Sussex model and TV presenter Katie Price and model / TV personality Ferne McCann are also big fans of the LipoFirm Bum Lift.

While mum of 4 Danielle Lloyd was slammed in the tabloids for her ‘unrealistic’ fitness plan for post-baby fat loss, we respect her for revealing that a LipoFirm Tummy Tuck helped her along and she clearly reaped the rewards: “I have also been trying LipoFirm to help with the excess skin which I would highly recommend for any new mum”.

Kerry Katona – despite exercising daily with yoga and cardio work as well as cutting out carbs and alcohol – went down the non-surgical tummy tuck route and only then achieved a whopping 4.5 litres of fat loss and 3 stone weight loss! This brought the mum of 4 down from a size 14 to a size 8. She then called on LipoFirm to tighten up her tum and posted a pic on Instagram, saying: “So amazing! Girls you need to check this out”.

Book your no knife tummy tuck and get ready to lose those inches

New mum who wants a tightened tum like Danielle or Kerry? Follower of fashion who strives for the latest KKW trend treatment? Someone who appreciates the natural things in life and keen try a fat loss method that promotes lymphatic drainage? Book in for your free non-surgical tummy tuck treatment consultation at nu-beau without delay and we’ll see how fast we can help you reach your fat loss goals and tightening target.


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