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Let’s be honest. Having kids changes everything!

No one has the same body before and after having a little one, even if the changes aren’t obvious from the outside.  For nu-beau Founder Emma, the changes were extreme. 

With her second child, Gus, now 4, Emma had an elective cesarian section.  When she got home with her tiny new baby, Emma was surprised to find that her stomach felt and looked very bruised and extremely painful.  Far worse than it had with her daughter Beauela, now 6.

After some time, it became clear that Emma was suffering from an extreme case of diastasis recti, the separation of the stomach muscles post-birth, combined with a hernia.  Like many mums, whether they experience diastasis recti or not, Emma also found that she had increased fat deposits on her stomach*.    

Emma says,
It was a tough time for me. My tummy was protruding and I only had a thin layer of skin holding my organs in.  I would get shooting pains when the kids touched the area or even when they just sat on my knee.

Emma took lots of advice from medical and fitness professionals and has ongoing personal training to build up her core strength.  She wanted her body to feel and look good again and most importantly, to sit her kids on her knee without wincing in pain. 

Four years on, Emma’s operation did successfully bring her stomach muscles back together. Her commitment to training in the gym has strengthened her core – she can do the plank again!  Complimenting her healthy lifestyle with Lipofirm treatments at the clinic, she is close to looking and feeling as she wants to. And the kids can use her as a human climbing frame, although she tries to encourage them to use the one in the garden!

*As part of the operation to resolve her diastis recti, Emma also had a surgical reduction on the front of her tummy.

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