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Cellulite & Stretch Marks

Reducing dimples & resulting in smoother skin that looks naturally toned

The LipoFirm Cellulite Eraser shifts stubborn cellulite, reducing dimples and resulting in smoother skin that looks naturally toned. Results are immediately visible and will continue to improve for 8-12 weeks after treatment.

This popular treatment has had much media attention including a live demonstration on ITV’s This Morning (January 2019) and has featured in many health and beauty magazines including Glamour Magazine. This non-invasive treatment takes just 30 minutes with no downtime.

Targeting unwanted toxins in the body to break down the fatty deposits we call cellulite, the LipoFirm technology uses Radio-Frequency energy (RF) and Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA) to enhance and stimulate blood circulation, oxygenation and lymphatic drainage.

Decreasing cellulite it will also achieve an instant lift, tone and contour of the area treated, resulting in a smooth and tighter appearance.

The Cellulite Eraser is a reliable and safe method of body rejuvenation that uses entirely non-surgical techniques to transform the way you look and feel about your body.

Cellulite typically affects areas of the body such as the thighs, bum and stomach, it occurs when pockets of body fat deep under the skin push up through layers of fibres to create a dimpling effect.  Women are more prone to cellulite than men, and it can affect you whether you are a size 16 or size 10.

Number of Treatments

We recommend at least 4-6 treatments, each lasting 30 minutes.

Cellulite and stretch marks

Skin Types

This treatment is suitable for all skin types and requires no skin patch test.

Cellulite Removal

Treatment Care

There is no treatment discomfort with no post treatment downtime for recovery.


Cellulite & Stretch Marks Prices

Single Treatment
3 Treatments

Interest free payment options available.

Associated Skin Treatments

Immediate Results

Bum Lift

From Denise Van Outen to recent Love Island winner Amber Gill, lots of celebrities have opted to have the LipoFirm LP Bum Lift and it’s no wonder why, the results we are achieving for our clients at nu-beau are incredible.

With immediate results the LP Bum Lift reduces fat and appearance of cellulite, smooths dimples and firming the skin without surgery.

Tummy Tuck & Contouring

During this treatment we will focus the LipoFirm PRO purely on the abdomen to achieve instant inch loss and fat reduction whilst also working on the muscles below the skin. This non-invasive tummy tuck can be undertaken in your lunch hour – results are immediately visible after a single 30 minute treatment and it will continue to tighten the skin and rebuild collagen for up to 12 weeks after your treatment.

Inch Loss & Fat Reduction

LipoFirm PRO

LipoFirm PRO is a revolutionary treatment that uses TriLipo technology to deliver inch loss and reduce cellulite.

Fat deposits are heated and manipulated using the hand probe, causing the fat to be released from cells. Fat is then pushed to the surface by dynamic muscle activation, draining naturally through the body’s lymphatic system and leading to permanent inch-loss