Voluderm Facelift

Our VoluDerm facelift is an advanced anti-aging treatment that delivers facial skin tightening and volumisation in just a 45 minute treatment.

This is a microneedling treatment that uses RF energy to stimulate the natural production of collagen and elastin deeper in the dermal layer than our TriFractional RF treatment.  The focus of this treatment is on tightening the skin around the face and eyes, whilst volumising to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

This treatment achieves long-lasting results, with the longer term benefit of encouraging new collagen production.

Price | Single Treatment 260

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Recommended No. of Treatments
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45 mins
Appointment Length
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Mild to Moderate
Treatment Discomfort
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Suitable Skin Types
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Skin Patch Test Required
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24 hours
Post Treatment Downtime

Who would this treatment benefit?

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The VoluDerm Facelift is most suitable for anyone over the age of 30 that is looking for a minimally invasive treatment that will tighten aging skin on the face and around the eyes, improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

It is a shorter, less intensive treatment than The Pyramid Facelift, with the initial treatment taking just 45 minutes and 30 minute follow up treatments.  The main difference is there is slightly less focus on skin resurfacing and there isn’t the additional DMA (dynamic muscle activation) that the fuller Pyramid Facelift treatment incorporates.

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Frequently asked questions

The GeneO+ Super Facial is suitable for all skin types and there is no patch test required so unless you are (insert any major restrictions e.g. pregnant) you can arrange a free consultation and book your appointment.

This treatment isn’t painful at all, in fact many would say it is a comfortable and very relaxing treatment to have. Your face will be massaged and infused with nutrients, RF heat is used to stimulate the oxygenation, however the heat level is very comfortable. You may feel some vibration in the final stage of the facial, however you won’t feel any pain or discomfort during the treatment.

Cleansed and radiant – there is no redness or downtime following this treatment. UV sun protection is important immediately after and whilst it is always better to avoid make-up or skin care products for up to 24 hours this isn’t essential.

The result of the facial is immediately visible.

One treatment will give you a radiant, smoother and tighter complexion – it is perfect to have a few days before a special event.

Some clients choose to have 2-3 a year as part of their skin care routine, simply because it delivers such great results.

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The Pyramid Facelift has made my skin look and feel more youthful and it has really smoothed the appearance of the lines on my forehead and around my mouth. I feel confident enough to go make up free and my skin feels tighter. Emma at NU-BEAU was so informative and really helped me to feel relaxed. I will be coming back in future, thank you Emma!

K. Knightley

I tried different remedies with the melasma on my forehead in the hope that it would fade but nothing worked, I couldn’t cover it up with make up and I felt very self conscious. After one treatment I couldn’t believe the improvement. The treatment was pain free and after a second treatment it has almost completely removed the pigmentation. I am over the moon with the results!


After having 2 babies in the space of 2 years, my stomach really bothered me. The LipoFirm treatment was wonderfully relaxing, simply involving a lovely warming sensation on my stomach. After the treatment, my stomach instantly looked better than it had when I walked in and over the next 2 or 3 days it got even better. My skin looked firmer, the crepeyness and wrinkles are gone and the stretch marks have been dramatically reduced , back to how it used to look pre babies. Thank you Emma for giving me confidence to wear a bikini again!


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