Skin Rejuvenation

Single Treatment 2 Treatments 3 Treatments To include the neck (additional per treatment)
The Pyramid Facelift £360 £620 £840 £40
GeneO+ Super Facial £100
Jan Marini Glycolic Skin Peel £80
Jan Marini Accelerated Glycolic Skin Peel £90
Oxy Microdermabrasion £85
Radio Frequency Skin Tightening £70
VoluDerm MicroNeedling £260
Trifractional Resurfacing £260

LipoFirm Body Sculpting & Inch Loss

Single Treatment 3 Treatments
Tummy Tuck & Contouring £150 £390
Bum Lift £150 £390
Cellulite Eraser £150 £390
Ultimate Body Solution £390
If you would like the LipoFirm treatment on an alternative area of the body then we can treat one of the below within a Single Treatment appointment;
Thighs (Front) | Thighs {Back) | Arms | Face & Neck | Back & Flanks

Laser & IPL Treatments

Rosacea Half Face Single Treatment Full Face Single Treatment
£230 £260
Acne IPL Half Face Single Treatment Full Face Single Treatment
£230 £260
Pigmentation | Age Spots from £160
Vein Removal Treatments from £160
IPL Facial Thread Veins Minor Area Nose Nose & Cheeks Full Face
£80 £200 £230 £260
Spider Nevi £160
Cherry Angioma £160
Leg Veins from £185
Patch Test £25*

Laser Hair Removal

The price of laser hair removal is determined by the size of a single area to be treated. A consultation will determine whether 6 or 8 treatments will be required.
Single Treatment 6 Treatments 8 Treatments
Eyebrows | Nose | Ear Lobes | Toes £50 £265 £325
Upper Lip | Chin | Hands £80 £424 £520
Under Arms | Side Burns | Beard Line | Upper Lip & Chin | Neck | Bikini £100 £530 £650
Half Arms | Full Face | Brazillian Abdomen £130 £689 £845
Full Face & Neck | Hollywood £150 £795 £975
Full Arms | Half Back | Chest Upper or Lower Legs £200 £1060 £1300
Full Legs | Full Torso | Full Back £280 £1484 £1820
Full body £624 £3300 £4050
Patch Test £25*

Younger Looking Skin | 6 Week Programme

The most effective approach to dramatically achieve younger looking skin in a short space of time, this programme incorporates begins and ends with a Pyramid Facelift, in the interim there are Jan Marini Skin Peels in addition to a GeneO+ 4-1-1 Super Facial and thread vein removal (if required). A wrap around home skin care plan with all products included ensures optimal results in just six weeks. Package Price

Redness Control | 6 Week Programme

A programme designed to fast-track exceptional results in the reduction of rosacea (severe facial redness). Incorporating IPL treatments, an accelerated Jan Marini Skin Peel, in addition to a GeneO+ 4-in-1 Super Facial with RF
(Radio Frequency). A tailored home skin care programme with all the required Jan Marini products is included to support the weekly in-clinic treatments.
Package Price

Acne Scarring | 6 Week Programme

This bespoke programme includes two of our Pyramid Facelift treatments in addition to our Geneo 4-inl Super Facial with RF, an accelerated Jan Marini Skin Peel and Tri Fractional skin resurfacing. As with all our bespoke programmes this includes all the required products for the home skin care plan to support the in-clinic treatments. Package Price

Active Acne | 6 Week Programme

A unique combination of treatments incorporating both Acne IPL treatments and GeneO+ 4-in-1 Super Facials. A tailored programme of Jan Marini skin care products are also included to support the in-clinic treatments. Package Price

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